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Trusted Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Need a Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

We recognize the importance of retaining private counsel when being charged with a crime.  If a defendant has a criminal defense attorney to help with the bail bond procedure, the likelihood of not appearing at all scheduled court dates is significantly reduced. Each day Breaking Bad Bail Bonds receives hundreds of phone calls from defendants, their friends, and family. Some make bail, some do not. However, ALL are in need of a good criminal attorney.

Why We Recommend Pawelek Law

EXPERIENCE – Over 100 Felony Jury Trials with multiple acquittals

KNOWLEDGE – Every Utah court handles cases differently.  Dennis and his team know most of the prosecutors and can implement the best case strategy and obtain the best resolutions.

INTEGRITY – We trust Dennis and we have found out that he has been committed to staying in touch, following through till the end and committed to getting the best results for our clients.

FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS – Dennis understands the financial impact that criminal cases can have on families.  Dennis works with families and individuals to get the best outcome at the most affordable price.

Pawelek Law, PLLC

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Dennis Pawelek – Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

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