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24 Hour Millard County Bail Bonds

Licensed 24 Hour Millard County Bail Bondsman  

Millard County | Breaking Bad Bail Bonds

Our Schedule Release Time is 20-45 Minutes

It’s not just in the cities that folks find themselves in trouble. That’s why we here at Breaking Bad Bail Bonds make sure that the needs of rural Utahans are met with the same alacrity and professionalism as our customers in more metropolitan areas of our great state.

Everyone needs a neighbors help from time to time. If you find yourself in a situation where you’d like the assistance of an experienced bail bondsmen, we’d like to be the neighbor you turn to because, we ARE that neighbor.

Contact our agent for this location by calling (435) 627-9142.


 Misty Lynn – Millard County Bail Bondsman

Our Clients time is valuable

That’s we pride ourselves on being the fastest bail bondsmen in the state. We’ll get the people you care about out in a speedy manner. On average we can post bond in under a half an hour.

A minute outside is not the same as a minute inside. Believe us when we tell you the quicker they get out the happier everyone will be. That said, we know you have questions.

We’ll quickly and accurately answer any and all of your questions concerning the bail bond process. You’ll be comforted by knowing every step that will be taken and what to expect next. We won’t do anything until we’re satisfied you understand what’s goin on.

Once you’re on board we’ll take care of everything to get the person you care about home. We’re committed to being the best bail bondsmen and neighbors we can be.

Before you leave for the jail call us

With Breaking Bad Bail Bonds you can now POST BAIL BY PHONE. There’s no need for you to rush down to the jailhouse on such short notice. Our licensed agents will guide you through the process and get started on the paperwork right away, all over the phone or computer. 

We’re upfront and fair with our pricing

Our fees are set. No surprises. Absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES  or mysterious charges.
If necessary we’re also flexible when it comes to financing. We know cash is not always readily available and are willing to work with you to find something that works.

They’re in the Millard County Jailhouse?
Get them out, now!

Contact our agent for this location, call US at (435)627-9142


Millard County Jail
765 S. Highway 99
Fillmore, UT 84713