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What Happens If I Miss My Court Date in Utah While I’m On Bond?

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What happens if I miss my court date while I’m on Bond? & What do I do if I miss? When I go to court will I be arrested?

  • The information provided is specific to Utah, but other states are the same or similar.
  • You have 7 days to appear to keep your bond active
  • A bench warrant will be issued, as either no bail, cash only or bondable.

Bail bonds are posted to ensure a person’s appearance to court hearings.  If you miss a court date a bench warrant will be issued, and notice will be sent to your local Utah bail bondsman.  

What should you do?

Call your bondsman right away, they will give you instructions.  Our goal is to keep you out of jail and not pay a forfeiture resulting from you missing court.  

Call the court of jurisdiction and get on the court calendar at their earliest available date. Scheduling your court date will Not recall the warrant.  Once you do appear before the court you warrant will be recalled and the forfeiture against the bond company will be canceled.

Will I be arrested again?

There is that possibility, the sooner you go to court and get your warrant recalled the less likely that will happen.  If you are in a delicate situation and you are worried about your kids or the chance of being arrested at work talk to your bondsman- if the warrant is bondable you may consider posting another bond to ensure that you will not risk rearresting.  In most cases, we don’t feel that this is necessary, but then again in some cases, this may be your best course of action. Talk it over with your bondsman

Will I be arrested when I go to court if I reschedule?

No. – and maybe.  In MOST cases the answer is no, this is if you don’t have other outstanding warrants and you are being cooperative by going to court on

What happens to my bond?  

If you appear within 7 days from your missed court date your bond will stay active and in good standing.

Will the bond company come after me?  

If you are cooperative, and you call the bond company.  If you reschedule your court date, keep them informed of your phone number and address as you agreed when you purchased the bond you agent will not have you picked up or revoke your bond.  

IF your bond agent cant get ahold of you, or you say you will reschedule but you don’t, or if you are rearrested on new charges, you don’t pay your payments, you change your address and/or phone number without notifying them- then yes you bond company can and will do what they need to protect themselves.

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