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He was very nice and helpful and met me st the jail at 1 a.m when the roads were ice he made sure I understood how it all works. Funny and friendly if I ever need to bail someone else out again I will deffently use him again, and no one else thank you Ryan.
– Tiffany W.
Christie and Ryan are amazing people!. Very responsive, understanding and trustworthy. Best Bailbonds company in Utah period.
– Todd H.
Needing a good reliable Bail Company , look no further , these are good people you can trust..
– Pat P.
My use of bailbonds men has been over for about 15 yrs when I started getting cash onlys from the judges. But then I got off paper and am happy to say if you get business from me it will be by refferal only
– Clint W.
Ryan was there as soon as I called and worked with me 100%! Super understanding and definitely the best bail bonds around!
– Malerie V.
Ryan you are bad to the bone with a heart of gold!
– Michelle N.
This Ryan guy works so hard to get you or your loved one’s out of jail fast. He cares about all his clients!!
– Brandie H.
Best bail bonds out there! Ryan Johnson really cares about his clients.
– Beckie H.
Great guy and great company. Thanks Ryan!!
– Phil D.
Ryan is a great guy…. hard worker!!
– DLyn M.
Ryan was so great! He’s easy to talk to and super friendly! Thank you so much for helping me out.. if I ever need a bail bondsman I will call you.
– Emily P.
Ryan was friendly, profesional and prompt. He was fast at getting the bond submitted. Showed me how to get on the inmate site and check status. Made the best out of a bad situation. If ever the need…. I would Definitely use Breaking Bad Bail Bonds again.
– Grace C.
Very helpful and professional! Took care of us and helped us get our friend released quickly, made us feel at ease. Would HIGHLY recommend!!!
– Gaven D.
Ryan was friendly, awesome, efficient, quick and caring… Calling multiple times and helping us work this out!!! By far the best bondsman I’ve ever worked with!!! Thank you so much!!!
– Jessica A.
Quick, fast, and easy. Very friendly!!! Call these guys if u ever need to. I’ve dealt with other bail bond companies and it was a relief to deal with real professionals
– Tua L.
I had never had to do this before and so we called and Ryan helped me right through a tough situation! I hope i never have to see you again! But if i do i will most definately call them again!!!
Thanks Ryan 🙂
– Lorrie G.
Ryan and Christie are unbelievable. They will work with you on payments and will get you or your loved on out of jail immediately. Trustworthy and reliable, they always answer the phone and are quick to respond. The best bail bonds company in Utah period.
– Todd H.