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gps ankle monitoring and probation utah

Private Probation & GPS Ankle Monitoring Solutions

OnPoint Pre-Trial and GPS Monitoring Services 

OnPoint Court Services provides the community and the court system with GPS ankle monitoring and Pre Trial services throughout the state of Utah. Our services include:

  • Private Probation
  • GPS Ankle Monitoring
  • House Arrest Monitoring
  • Pretrial Services
  • Alcohol Monitoring.

24/7 Monitoring and PreTrial Services

As a condition of parole, many Utah courts are beginning to require Pre Trial Services and GPS ankle monitoring as a condition of being released on a bail bond.  As a convenience Breaking Bad Bail Bonds has teamed up with OnPoint Monitoring and the Utah Court system to provide 24 Hour Pre Trial Monitoring.

OnPoint Monitoring pursuant to the conditions of the court will provide all of the monitoring and reporting to the court system to ensure a smooth process from bail to sentencing.

The Process is Easy for both courts & defendants

  1. The Court Orders Pre Trial, or GPS Ankle Monitoring
  2. Clerk faxes or emails order to us
  3. We contact the defendant
  4. Our Agents Install the GPS device
  5. We  contact the court with an enrollment verification letter
  6. We Monitor
  7. We report Only True Violations
  8. Upon Completion, we remove the equipment and send court completion letter.

OnPoint Court Services


SCRAM GPS Location Monitoring  

Serving Utah County, Salt Lake County,  Davis County, and Weber County, Beaver County