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A Professional Bond Agent Is Essential for Expediting the Bail Release of Your Loved One

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If you’ve had a friend or family member arrested and charged with a crime, they will likely be detained in jail awaiting trial. At the same time, the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution grants the accused the right to bail release in order to mount a vigorous defense.

Attempting to engage the bail process yourself can be confusing and packed with unnecessary delays. To aid in this endeavor, Breaking Bad Bail Bonds provides the services of trained, talented and experienced bond agents to expedite the bail process. This will save you and the accused time, stress and unnecessary expenses.

The process starts by contacting our home office in Spanish Fork, Utah, by calling 888-767-8224. We can then connect you with one of our local bail offices nearest you. One of our bond agents will call you to start the bail process.

We typically require a bail fee equal to 10 percent of the bail amount assessed by the sitting judge. Then we will need the remaining 90 percent of the bail fee in some form of collateral. This is usually a vehicle or other piece of property applicable to the necessary amount.

We will then help you with the necessary legal paperwork and our bail agent will walk you through the process of securing your loved one’s release.

If you’ve recently had a friend or family member arrested and charged with a crime, you shouldn’t delay in calling Breaking Bad Bail Bonds in Spanish Fork, Utah, at 888-767-8224 to connect with one of our bail agents.

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