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Time and Money Saving Tips For Bail Bonds

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Can you save time and money calling multiple bail bond companies to get the “best” price?

Things To Ask When Looking For A Bail Bond Company

When you need a bail bond, you need it now, and you want it for the best price possible.   Many bond companies count on you to not take the time to ask questions and read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

Like Utah, most states regulate the premiums that a bond company can charge.  In Utah, a bond company must charge no less than 10%, but no more than 20%.  If you and the person in Jail are residents you can expect to pay the minimum fee of 10%. If the jail where you are posting the bond charges a bond posting fee you can expect to pay that as well, but don’t expect most bond companies to tell you in advance. When you call Breaking Bad Bail bonds we disclose ALL our initial fees that you can expect to pay.  You’ve had enough surprises for one day. You can trust us to be transparent and informative throughout the whole process.

Find A Bond Company That Has NO HIDDEN FEES

If you are in a rush and you want a payment plan- Don’t waste time calling a dozen companies asking what they will charge for a bond, they will all quote you the 10% fee.  What they won’t disclose are the jail fees, credit card processing fee, their payment plan set up fee, document fee, and the interest and possible late fees you may face, unless you know to ask specifically.

The Bail Bond Company Should Offer Free Financing

Do Look for a company that offers FREE financing, like Breaking Bad Bail Bonds. You may be tempted to pay as little as possible up front to secure the release of your loved one as soon as possible, but a rushed decision with the wrong company may lead you to a larger financial burden than you bargained for.

No Collateral Bail Bonds Is An Option

Consumer beware of any company that quotes less than the State minimum 10%.  Ask about financing fees, late fees, and what course of action the company will take against any property you pledge as collateral for the premium. The safest, best option is to find a company like Breaking Bad Bail Bonds who is willing (in MOST cases) to do the bond with NO COLLATERAL, which means less hassle and less risk to you.

Make Sure The Bond Company is Highly Rated & Trusted

IF you can afford to, pay all fees up front to avoid the hassle of payments.  If you must do a payment plan, ask about the details of the agreement, and use a company that is professional, highly rated, and one you can trust like Breaking Bad Bail Bonds. We will work with you to make this the best experience possible.

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